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Home of Cairn Terriers, Borzoi (Russian Wolfhounds) and Groenendaels (Belgian Shepherds

Malonowa Kennels is a small kennel dedicated to establish the Cairn Terrier as a popular breed in South Africa. We also breed quality Groenendaels (Belgian Shepherds) with emphasis on character. Recently, we also fell in love with the regal Borzoi.

The kennel was established in 1996 when we adopted our first Groenendael bitch and Cairn Terrier male. Both have since passed on to greener pastures and are truly missed.

Quality, home-raised puppies are sometimes available to approved homes.

Cairn Terriers

The vivacious Cairn Terrier is slowly gaining popularity in South Africa. Being a delightful companion, full of energy and with a clown-like disposition, this is not surprising. More and more people are discovering the joy of living with one.

Although they have the pure terrier temperament, they are also obedient and responsive to training.

Life is never dull with a Cairn Terrier in the family!

Groenendaels (Belgian Shepherds)

We were drawn to this striking breed not just because of its good looks, but mainly because of its versatility, intelligence and devotion.

The are naturally protective of their family and excel in a family environment where they can be part of the day to day activities. Being highly intelligent and sensitive, this is not a breed to be taken on lightly. They respond well to the different tones in your voice and do not take kindly to being rough-handled. A strong but gentle hand is all they need!

They are highly responsive to training and excel at obedience and agility. But ..... be warned, they do not like repetition too much! They might ignore your commands after obeying the first two or three times. The look on their faces seem to say: "You know I can do it. Why do you keep asking me to do the same thing over and over?"

The rewards of living with a Groenendael is enormous. They are alert, playful, devoted and a great source of entertainment!